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Camber Corporation
Soil Reinforcement

Creating More Useable Space

Camber Corporation has been involved in reinforced soils and retaining walls using Geosynthetic soil reinforcement since our inception in 1982. We can assist you in design of steep slopes, very steep slopes, retaining walls, and soil stabilization for commercial and industrial development. We stock High Performance Geotextiles and Synteen GeoGrid for fast response to your requirements. We fabricate stay in place and jump form panels in steel or welded wire mesh to speed construction.

Give us a call to discuss your application.

reinforced soil

High reinforced slope to support a new Home Depot.

reinforcement of soil
miragrid slope
Prepare the site, establish drainage
Place Synteen, place and compact fill,
repeat processes
paved subgrade
reinforced steepened slope
Install utilities, place subgrade, pave
110’-0 High reinforced steepened slope


soil reinforcement
sloping of soil
reinforced soil
ground reinforcement
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