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Monorail & Bridge Crane Systems

Camber provides complete underground lifting and material supply systems for fast, economical movement of materials, equipment, replacement parts, and supplies.

Various capacities are available to solve your lifting, tugging, or transporting problems. We provide the supports, hangers, and lifting equipment, to work around the clearances and load capacities you desire. Belt drive maintenance, equipment repair stations, car tugging, special installations and material handling requirements are some of the applications we have provided.
We also can lease equipment for special limited term applications. Call or e-mail Camber to review your application.

monorail systems
Monorail Systems

monorail and crane

bridge crane systems
Bridge Crane System

20 ton hoist
Top running 20 ton hoist
mounted on Cambered plate girder bridge.

monorail syatems
mining monorail
bridge crane systems
car tugging
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