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Camber Clamps

L series general purpose clamps

"L" Series Clamps

"L" Series Clamps are general purpose clamps designed for all around use and are available in a variety of sizes and load ratings.
C series chain hung suspension clamps

"C" Series Clamps

"C" Series Clamps are chain hung suspension clamps commonly used for conveyor belts, ventilation ducting, conduit, hoppers, and various equipment. Available to fit most steel sections and load requirements.

f series clamps for structural steel sections

"F" Series Clamps

"F" Series Clamps are used for close headroom applications that require light to medium duty suspension from most structural steel sections. The "F" Series is available with a messenger wire eye or a threaded rod.


corner clamp

Corner Clamp

A Corner Clamp is a vice grip bracket for square work steel sets for quick assembly. Firmly attaches a structural steel leg to a steel roof beam. Range of sizes to fit standard sections.

mining clamps
high suspension clamps
corner clamps
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