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Mine and Tunnel Roof Support Systems

Sliding Arched Canopy

Camber has developed procedures and products for specialized support of caved areas and unsupported roof. The Sliding Arch Canopy System provides support and a safe work environment as you clean up roof falls or advance through broken strata. Once in place they can be cushioned using Camber Geotek Bags filled with rock dust or other material. Contact Camber to discuss your application.
sliding arched canopy
If entry height permits, all arches can be erected as the complete canopy under supported top. otherwise, each arch can be added on the back end individually and then advanced.
arch support using geotek

Geotek bag provides uniform containment of cushioning material and prevents waste. Bag can contain rock dust or foam cement void fill.

Arch Supports

Structural steel arch supports and circular ring sets are used for roof support or ground control where severe conditions are anticipated or to maintain critical areas of a mine or tunnel where roof bolting or cribbing is not sufficient or practical. Used in conjunction with Camber Lagging systems, arches can solve difficult conditions on a long-term basis.

Determining Clearance Rectangles
for Arched Entry Support Layout

X2 Y2 is the height and width of the highest piece of equipment
X1 Y1 is the height and width of the widest piece of equipment

Arch supports range from almost rectangular shapes, to semi-circles, to Gothic shaped structures. Each has design advantages and disadvantages depending on the application.

Some of the standard configurations are shown to the right, however the best approach is to determine your specific needs and layout a support around your specific criteria. We take into consideration your requirements as far as clearances, load capacity, handling, and other site specific issues and provide an arch to best fit your needs.


structural steel arch supports
mining canopy
sliding arch canopy
arrch supports for mining
structural arch supports
banjo string arch
arch supports
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