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CAMCAST Full Prefabricated Overcast Systems

CAMCAST is a strong and durable full overcast system that provides excellent air tightness even in high water gage. Easily transportable, the CAMCAST can be assembled quickly without special tools or heavy lifting.

Prefabricated overcast system

Features include:

  • Construction: 12 gage galvanized steel planks having 2-1/2" x 6-1/2" trapezoidal corrugations, top and sides.
  • Sizes: Per mine requirements - Virtually any size available.
  • Strengths and Stiffness: Free span steel planks are lapped and bolted on 2' centers using plated fasteners. Safe allowable load on 20' span is 50 PSF. Well in excess of MSHA requirements... without beams... and without spreading or separating.
  • Air tightness: seal strip is sandwiched and compressed between adjacent planks with plated fasteners. Camber closure # 101-2, or precast concrete closure seal the ends.
  • Clearance: Planks are only 2-1/2" deep on top, 2-1/2" wide per side. This means CAMCAST can be run under brows eliminating the need for costly and time consuming headwalls even in low coal. Greater cross sectional area for ventilation is achieved as well.
  • Resistance to Bottom Hoove: CAMCASTS are intended for installation without concrete footers or base channels. Bottom hooves around 2-1/2" walls rather than up against wider construction.
  • Handling, Transportation and Storage: Planks nest. Therefore several CAMCASTS can be loaded on one supply car.
  • Erection Time: 4-men... Less than one(1) shift.

Camber Steel Plank Overcast Tops

Camber Steel Plank Overcast Tops allow clear spans between masonry walls up to 24' and provide a solid, long term method of ventilation construction. Camber exclusive Air Seals make assembly easy with the highest degree of air tightness of any method of overcast construction. Steel Plank Overcast Tops are reusable and the 26" wide pieces are stackable for efficient transportation in the mine.

Support walls can be constructed from conventional masonry or Camber provides the CAMCAST in "all steel" construction.

mining overcast

  • Designation: Camber Steel Plank Overcast Tops System
  • Plank: Trapezoidal corrugation 2-1/2" x 6-1/2" 12 gage, galvanized
  • Air Seal: longitudinal 3/16" x 1" PS, End Seal - Camber Closure #101-2 or precast concrete closures
  • Fasteners: 3/8" x 1/2" Plated
  • Overcast Sizes: Width - 2' - 30', Length - any multiple of 26"

Camber Steel Plank Overcast can also be used for undercasts, bridges, or for equipment travelways.

For detailed information, please contact us.

mining overcast system
prefabricated overcast
glavanized overcast system
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