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Contract Manufacturing

GCL, Inc. provides many services for other manufacturers to help them provide a quality, cost effective product. We can provide stamping of parts or CNC Plasma burnouts and Oxy-fuel burnouts to help you become more efficient. GCL can provide: rolling or bending and punching of plate, beam, angle, tee, channel, and box sections; welding, spot welding, stud welding, light gage Pittsburgh lock seaming; finishing, semi-finishing, or rough, with various coating options; assemblies, sub-assemblies and bulk packaging to your specifications.
oil tanks
Tanks for oil reservoirs for a manufacturer of specialized hydraulic machinery.

high production stud welding

High production stud welding

pipe struts for mining
Pipe Struts for bracing on a product for the mining industry.
V l;agging, mine lagging
V" Lagging specially bundled for a large tunnel project.
contract manufacturing
oil resevoir tanks
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